Design services

Modelbox Design Services has developed as a result of demand from professional set & lighting designers who are increasingly finding themselves in need of assistance as they get busier and busier. This assistance can be with plan drawing ot paperwork. We work closely with the designer, tailoring our approach to suit their particular needs on a project-by-project basis. And because Modelbox is staffed by practicing designers, we have a full understanding of your needs and expectations.

Our plan drawing service offers the designer a flexible means of producing plans. We are pleased to take hand drawn plans, a few scratchings on a piece of paper or sets of drawings and turn them into a full plan. And, we always aim to customize plans to the format the particular designer is used to. If the designer prefers to draw their own plan we would be equally pleased to handle the plotting and distributing.

We used to support a wide range of software packages for both PC & MAC but as the Autocad format has become almost univerally used, we now use Autocad format (Versions from R12 to 2009) and DXF. Should you require WYSIWYG may we suggest that you contact the White Light team.

Finally for the lighting designer, we can arrange the full service; draw the plan, and through our associates, compile and update paperwork.