modelbox theatre plans - Birmingham Alexandra Theatre

New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham technical area

New Alexandra Theatre
Station Street

B5 4DS





Technical Manager - David Edmunds (updated 19/9/12)

Technical Office - 0121 230 9088 (new number)

Stage Door - 0121 230 9071

Fax - 0121 230 9079


Tech Spec
Click here for the tech spec for Birmingham Alexandra theatre (UPDATED 8/12/14)


A4 1:100 PDF plan (updated 23/4/13)
A3 1:50 PDF plan (updated 23/4/13)

A4 1:100 PDF section (updated 23/4/13)
A3 1:100 PDF section (updated 23/4/13)


CAD files
CAD file of plan and section drawings (zipped) (updated 23/4/13)

To view plan and/or section or to purchase a paper copy of the drawing, click here

Please note - paper copies of drawings must be purchased or authorised by the technical manager of the theatre


There is now an advance truss. (added 11/10/10)

According to Mike Redley...they are having 'a bit of work done' at the moment, and it is worth contacting them directly if you are touring there in the near future. (added 11/10/10)



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Birmingham Alex seating plan

 front entrance