modelbox theatre plans - Bristol Hippodrome

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Bristol Hippodrome Theatre technical area

Bristol Hippodrome
St Augustines Parade




Technical Manager - Peter Tovey (updated 4/4/11)

Stage Manager - Paul Birch

Chief LX - Pete Loft (updated 4/4/11)

Tel (Admin) - 0117 302 3310

Tel (Stage Door) - 0117 927 3077

Fax (Admin) - 0117 925 1661

Fax (Stage Door) - 0117 929 9617


Tech Spec
Click here for the tech spec for Bristol Hippodrome theatre (UPDATED 27/9/12)

Click here for stage floor loadings report

Click here for loadings report (large download)


A4 1:100 PDF plan (UPDATED 16/11/17)
A3 1:100 PDF plan (UPDATED 16/11/17)

A4 1:100 PDF section (UPDATED 16/11/17)
A3 1:100 PDF section  (UPDATED 16/11/17)


CAD files
CAD file of plan & section drawing (zipped) (UPDATED 16/11/17)

To view plan and/or section or to purchase a paper copy of the drawing, click here

Please note - paper copies of drawings must be purchased or authorised by the technical manager of the theatre


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Bristol Hipp seating plan

 front entrance