For over 20 years, Modelbox has been building and maintaining a database of drawings of theatres and other venues in CAD format. This is being constantly updated as changes are made to the venues. Copies of these plans and sections can be obtained from Modelbox at realistic rates are are available to anybody in the industry.

The introduction of the Licensed Partner Scheme has been a major success. Members of the scheme can now receive drawings in electronic format (normally Autocad or DXF) so that they may do their own drawings directly on to a Modelbox plan on their own computer. Obviously this speeds up the whole drawing process making it more flexible into the bargain.

Completed files can then be emailed to us and the printed plots will be distributed to your recipients list. You don't even need to leave your office! We can also assist in the production of touring plans by inserting the set and lighting plans into the touring venues, making any modifications that are necessary.

With the multitude of formats available these days both on the PC and Mac, Modelbox can now translate from various formats to others with relative ease.