FREE cad symbols of lighting fixtures

Modelbox are pleased to release their lighting symbols for your own use.

There are symbols for the common lanterns used extensively in the UK and abroad. Each symbol represents the lantern in outine and has various attributes attached to it - GEL, FOCUS, DIMMER, etc. Each attribute is on a different layer so that the layers can be turned on/off to show your requirements. Where lanterns have a common shape (ie. with different lenses) they can be distinguished with either the attribute MODEL or they have added 'bits' which follow common or obvious conventions. These symbols were created in Autocad Release 14, but have been tested on Autocad 2000-2008 and LT versions 97, 98 & 2000. They should be backwardly compatable with Autocad R12 & R13. Other programmes that can import DWG format may accept these files, but may loose the attributes on translation.

Please check back again soon as other symbols are in the process of being created - Moving lights are usually available from the manufacturer's website.

Accessories symbols

Altman symbols

ETC symbols

Generic fresnel symbols

Generic follow spot symbols

Generic PAR symbols

Generic profile synbols

Selecon symbols

Silhouette symbols

Strand symbols

TV & film symbols

*NEW* Selecon SPX series symbols




If you wish to suggest other symbols to be added to the list, please use the REPORT PAGE to send me your suggestions.