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Modelbox Lighting Symbols

These lighting symbols have been zipped using Winzip. Decompress them maintaining the file structure for ease of use. The files are in Autocad 2000 format (.DWG). This is compatible with Autocad 2000 through to Autocad 2011, and some non-Autodesk products.

They are heavily dependant on the attributes associated with the drawing, which saves data such as gel, focus, gobo, etc. The attributes may disappear when inserted into non-Autodesk products.

If this format is not suitable for you, Modelbox may be able to convert the files to a format that you require. This may be subject to a small charge.

Other symbols are available, and more are added regularly - contact Modelbox for further information.

More symbols will be available on the web shortly. For further information about Modelbox and its design services, call Steve on 01837 54342.